Friday, July 1, 2016

Lirik Lagu Diary Of Zessika - Final Destination

Lirik Lagu Diary Of Zessika - Final Destination

I'm stand alone crossing the rivers
Walk out to silence truth
Find by my self for the justice 
True the fire & burning the earth 
I came up when I see the light 
I'm running away Its truly such a bright 
No more perfecting assave you're with me 
Your perfect one.


You my last destination You bring me like a roses 
Dark inside me is goes by &You like to me 
You give  me satisfaction You here my voices 
Dark inside Me is goes by & You like to me 
In the hope Its You 

Stand you're heart 
Lost In you're soul My reselve as a strong Yes a stone 2x 
Dont You breek my heart Which riley on You get In my heart you're final 

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